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New advantage for Advertisers
Published on 06-06-2018

Now, all advertisements that have ran out of clicks in the last 48 hours will be shown to visitors. This will increase your exposure and help you get more than you paid for. These advertisements clicks will not be logged. Just a simple direct link to your advertisement's webpage. They'll be shown below all active advertisements in the "View Advertisements" page.

Live Support
Published on 20-05-2018

Dear members,now you have an additional support option:

Live Support.

If you find an icon on top next to the flag and you click it, you will magically be transported to a live help.

So, now we have:

Forums Use it for general discussions

Support Tickets

Use them for those strange questions we know you love to make

Live Support

If available, use it for that quick question that has been driving you crazy all day long.

We care about our members.

Mother's Day Bonus
Published on 13-05-2018

Today, Mother's Day, we give you a bonus of $1 New Register . A wish to all mothers.





HariomAdvertising Admin

The First decade is just the beginning! Promo#1
Published on 05-05-2018

Discount on  Premium Membership Purchase and / or extensisons:

One Year $50 ( includes $10 discount)




These discounts will available until May 6th at 23:00 server's time .

The First decade is just the beginning! Promo#2
Published on 05-05-2018

Discount on  Golden Membership Purchase and / or extensisons:

One Year  $300( includes $60 discount)  





These discounts will available until May 6th at 23:00 server's time .

Regarding Payza
Published on 22-03-2018

As I am sure many of you are aware, Payza has been shut down by the US Government. This means we cannot send any cashouts to them and Payza will be removed as a cashout option from our site. As for the funds you have available in Payza or any cashouts we've recently sent, the status of this money is unknown. We cannot refund any payments sent to Payza as we do not have access to their platform. Payza Payment Requests currently pending will be cancelled and you can request again using a different processor. This will put us under a lot of pressure so please be advised that we cannot promise Daily payments until we have made other arrangements. We are trying to add new processors and will keep you informed. We do not know any more information other than their domain has been seized by US Authorities and we cannot load their website. We will update you more on this situation as the information becomes available. Thank you .

Published on 07-03-2018

Indian user payment method is through UPI

Indian user must update UPI ID for withdrawal money 

Published on 17-02-2018


I want to celebrate this with you so only for Today we are going to have a deposit promo bonus!

Add more than $50 and get 10% bonus.

Add more than $1000 and get 15% bonus.

Published on 16-02-2018

This is to inform you that the account you use to withdraw and Deposit money should be same.For more information go to point no.5.5 in T&C.

Published on 08-02-2018

Attention everyone this is to inform you that website will be close at 23:59pm till 2 days because of server issue it will be restart soon.

Sorry for inconvenience caused.





Special offer
Published on 30-01-2018

Here is great news for all of you.

We just launched our special pack named as premium add pack.

This pack will help you in more earning in less time as well in less clicks.

180 SECS OF YOUR LIFE WILL GIVE YOU $0.10/ per click

You can enjoy pack at just $100 for 55 days.

So buy the pack and enjoy the adds.


Published on 29-01-2018

Here is great news for all of you.

We just launched our new pack named as Advance AdPack.

This pack will help you in more earning in less time as well in less clicks.

120 SECS OF YOUR LIFE WILL GIVE YOU$0.05/per click

You can enjoy pack at just $50 for 55 days.

So buy the pack and enjoy the adds.

Paypal is back !
Published on 15-12-2017

Members, Paypal has been reactivated and is now available for advertising purchases and will also be used for monthly publisher payouts. We will continue to use Payza for both ad purchases and publisher payouts as well. 

The sale of HariomAdvertising is still moving forward as we're just waiting on some final paperwork. We hope we can finalize the sale within the coming week. The new ownership will make an announcement to introduce themselves and they have a lot planned for the future of HariomAdvertising. 

We want to thank you for your continued support.



Deposit bonus promo
Published on 11-10-2017


From today available until Monday the 23th of October 23:59 server time we are going to have a cash back promo.

Add more than $20 and get 10% bonus.
Add more than $100 and get 15% bonus.
Add more than $1000 and get 20% bonus.
Add more than $2000 and get 30% bonus.
Add more than $5000 and get 40% bonus.

All bonuses will get added to your account balance automatically.
This applies only for HariomAdvertising deposits.

Hope you enjoy it!



Published on 03-09-2017








New Payment Option
Published on 05-06-2017

Members ,We Would like to let you know that we have just enabled the option to make advertising purchases with a Debit Card and Credit Card . 




Get $10 dollars bonus on your account balance today!
Published on 10-04-2017

Dear friends and customers,

We are doing a new promotion. If the next 500 people signup .will get $10 dollars bonus on their account balance.

Join our Grean today.



Hariom Advertising

PayPal Purchase
Published on 10-03-2017

The following rules must be followed for every purchase made using PayPal.
They may change. If they do change, an announcement will be made in the forum.

PayPal verified users
This is very important.
You need to be PayPal verified to be able to purchase any of our services.
If you make a purchase and you do not have a verified PayPal account, the purchase will be immediately refunded as we won't accept it.
This means you'll see a purchase at your PayPal account and a few moments later a refund for that purchase.
If the automatic refund fails for any reason, the refund can take up to 5 business days.
Multiple attempts in trying to pay with an unverified PayPal account will lead to your HariomAdvertising suspension.

If you try to alter any value (like price) and try to pay using that modified value, your HariomAdvertising account will be suspended and no refunds will be given on your purchase.
Please be aware that, in this situation, while your payment will be made, your HariomAdvertising account won't be credited for the purchase.

Chargebacks and / or reversed purchases will lead to an immediate account suspension.

Available purchases
The purchase you can make using PayPal are:
- Emerald,Platinum,Diamond,Ultimate membership upgrade / extension
- Add funds to your Purchase Balance
- Advertisement clicks.
- Featured Link Ads.
- Featured Link Ads.
- Login Ads
- Banner Ads


Feel free to purchase as long as you follow the above rules.
Anything you purchase will be immediately credited in your account.

HariomAdvertising Admin

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