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Published on 01-07-2019

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10x Ad Packs ($100 / 110% ROI = $110 BACK!)

1 Year ADVANCE Membership for free! (Value:50 USD)

1 Month CLICKFREE (no 4 ads view needed to be qualified for commissions and daily shares)

BUY 10 - PAY 9 Ad Packs and save $10

This special offers  will end on July 31th at 20:00 (server's time).


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Re-designed Member's Area
Published on 13-06-2019

Exciting news!

Your HariomAdvertising Member's Area just got an updated look and feel! We've worked hard to improve all the key sections.

Additional pages will get re-designed very shortly as well, new updates and features.

Tell us what you think about the new design



Best Regards,
Perfect Money,Solidtustpay and AirTM deposit bonus.
Published on 13-06-2019

Thank you for being a valued Hariom Advertising member.

This post is a kind of promo/announcement.

Since Paypal and Payza closed most members that were using Paypal and Payza started using Perfect Money,Solidtustpay and AirTM.

So,from today the 13st of June 2019 if you deposit from Perfect Money,Solidtustpay and will get :

5% for deposits from $10 up to $99.

8% for deposits from $100 up to $499.

10% for deposits from $500 up to $999.

15% for deposits from $1000 up to $1999.

20% for deposits higher than $2000.

There is no specific expiration date for this "Promo" .

The deposit bonus will get manually,so you have to wait up to 24 hours for the bonus funds to appear in your purchase balance.


Best Regards,
Introducing AirTM
Published on 31-05-2019

To that end, we are pleased to announce the addition of a new payment solution for our members today:

AirTM is already being used by many of our users but, for those who are not familiar with AirTM, it is a P2P network specialized in money transfers.

AirTM is FinCEN (a bureau of the United States Department of the Treasury) certified and they provide numerous deposit and withdrawal options, including bank transfers, cash (such as Western Union, MoneyGram and others), payment processors (such as Skrill, NETELLER, PayPal, Alipay, Payeer, Perfect Money etc.), cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others) and other methods as well, such as gift cards and mobile services.

They are also planning to offer direct bank transfers for deposits and withdrawals for US and Mexican members in the near future, which is an extra plus.

Thanks to its flexibility, AirTM can provide the ideal solution to many common issues and inconveniences, such as when you have money in a payment processor you cannot use or when you wish to use a payment processor that we do not work with, etc. It works in a simple and easy way: Each time you wish to make a deposit or withdrawal, AirTM matches you with a peer who will complete your transaction.

AirTM has taken all the necessary measures and precautions to ensure that each transfer is safe and money will only be released when all involved transactions have been finalized. Furthermore, AirTM can be used as an exchange service with our current payment processors and it supports more than 180 countries.

Above all we appreciate AirTM's standards, transparency and customer satisfaction oriented policies, which perfectly match ours.

Apart from an exchange service with a large variety of deposit and withdrawal options, AirTM also offers something unique that no other payment solution offered until now: The opportunity for their users to earn money by becoming peers themselves and by inviting other users to join AirTM as well. Since it is a P2P solution, we managed to keep the fee per -soon to come- cashout to a low 1% without any minimum. For example, if a user requests a payment of $2, the fee will be $0.02 and the user will receive $1.98.

To comply with legal regulations, AirTM has already been included in our TOS, point 5.1, but please do not forget that cashouts will be enabled later. With that being said, we would like to thank you for your understanding; finding and implementing new payment methods cannot be done as fast as we would like, since it does not depend solely on us.

Nonetheless, we will try our best to offer you the next new payment solution as soon as possible.

Finally, you might want to keep an eye out for future announcements and surprises; I can assure you good things are on the horizon.

I hope the summer is treating you well and this announcement found you relaxing in your favorite vacation destination!


Cashouts are enabled,

enjoy! Just as a reminder:

- Fee: 1%

- Maximum amount per withdraw: $1000.00

Best Regards,
Hariom Advertising
Flash promo
Published on 27-05-2019


In order to thank you we are going to have a deposit bonus promotion.

From tomorrow the 28st of May until Friday the 31th of May 23:59 server time :

Add more than $20 and get 10% bonus.

Add more than $100 and get 15% bonus.

Add more than $1000 and get 20% bonus.

Also the bonuses will get automatically for your deposits except the deposits made via Payza,Perfect Money,Skrill,Neteller,AirTM and Solidtrustpay.

The bonuses from these processors will get added manually when we process the transaction.

Best Regards,
Hariom Advertising
Regarding PayPal
Published on 13-05-2019

ALL users that made purchases with PayPal can now select a different payment processor (as per TOS 5.1).


PayPal contacted us today to notify us they would be terminating our account.

I won't sugarcoat it, this news came as a total, shocking surprise.

To add insult to injury, they clarified there was nothing wrong on our end, but since they faced huge problems due to the practices of another known website, which theoretically belonged in the PTC vertical -even though they operated in a completely different way than our business model-, they were now forced to cancel every account belonging to a PTC website, regardless if there is a direct violation of their User Acceptance Policy or not.

No matter how unfair this might be, we have to remain pragmatic and ensure that the principles that made HariomAdvertising what it is today remain unaffected.

To that end, we will adapt in order to make this transition as smooth as possible for our members. First of all, no user will lose a single penny and there will be NO "necessary" deductions of any kind. That is guaranteed. In addition, any limitations regarding transactions through PayPal, as per our Terms of Service point 5.1, will stop in 1 weeks from now to ensure that no frustrations or long-term limitations are imposed on users who made purchases through PayPal.

Unfortunately, this is a necessary procedure until we can deal with the necessary bureaucracy in order to withdraw money from our terminated PayPal account.

This simply means that before 1 weeks from now (we believe around the end of next month but don't quote me on that) every user that's bound by point 5.1 to PayPal purchases will be free to chose another payment processor.

Unfortunately we cannot legally remove that restriction until then so please bear with us on that. As soon as we have the legal ok we'll remove it.

This obviously won't affect those not bound to PayPal purchases.

All the PayPal purchases buttons have been already removed. The cashout button will redirect to this thread so that everyone sees it.

All the PayPal references from our Terms of Service, FAQ, etc, will be gradually removed as well.

The only positive note under the current conditions is that users have been shifting away from PayPal and started using other payment processors in the past months, which makes the situation not as difficult as it would have been in the past.

Finally, this setback will not compromise or affect the pillars upon which HariomAdvertising has been built: Reliability, trust, innovation and transparency.

We will never become like the ones responsible for this outcome.

Unfortunately we have to pay for the mistakes of others but at least we'll make things right in the end because we're all a family and that's how it will always be.

Thank you.

Terms of Service - Update 2019/05/1
Published on 01-05-2019

This announcement is necessary to keep you updated with the latest version of our Terms of Service:

5.12. Withdrawing with Paypal,Payza,STP,PM, and Bitcoin. is only available to those who have used it to make a Add funds/Purchase.


Pending&Refunded Withdrawls Regarding
Published on 28-04-2019

Dear Members,

I hope you enjoy our services and getting benefited and those who's payment is pending & Refunded sorry for inconvenience but this is to inform you that first you need to Deposit Add funds your money once then you will easily get your return.

TOS 5 More info .

Only for those who's payment is pending and doesn't make any single payment till now

Best Regards,
Hariom Advertising
Direct referrals
Published on 24-04-2019

Dear all Members Hariom Advertising ,

Up until now, we were benevolent regarding the limit of direct referrals.

It's been fun to confirm the system log everyday for all the cheaters with multiple accounts. But, each day that passes, that fun is turning into a hog.

Cheaters just don't learn and I even get guys that create accounts with 100 referrals just in 4 hours.

This has got to stop.

While cheaters don't go far here, I have the responsibility to check the system's decision on multi-accounts.

While 90% of the time it's all correct, I don't like to risk the other 10%.

This is way too much time consuming and there are more important things to be done around here.

So, going against HariomAdvertising  own philosophy, we'll have to make certain limitations to direct referrals.

The first one is a new suspension.

Most of you with referrals will know what I mean.

There are lots of users that never do anything after registration (not even a simple login). So, now these users (who are stuck in your referral's list for 60 days) will be suspended after 72 hours.

Users that register just for registering will never go anywhere here.

So, if you see a big batch of those referrals disappear, don't be alarmed.

The second limitation will be the amount of maximum direct referrals per user. It will be according to their current membership.

Although there's a limit, those of you with more referrals than the limit will keep them until they get their account suspended or even forever if they don't.

So, imagine the limit is 50, you have 500.

You'll keep the 500. These are the limits or direct referrals based on membership/pack:

Standard: 50

Advance: 200

Premium: 300

Ideal: 400

Exclusive: 800


Best Regards,
Hariom Advertising
Terms of Service - Update 2019/04/09
Published on 09-04-2019

This announcement is necessary to keep you updated with the latest version of our Terms of Service:

The following, updated point 5.3 for The minimum amount 10 USD.

HariomAdvertising will not modify user account information based on user request. For security reasons, only the users can modify the data in their own accounts, directly in their Edit Profile page."

In addition, and to avoid confusion, all sentences using the term "termination" regarding accounts, have been modified to "suspension". Both had the same meaning but now it's unified into a single one.

Flash promo upto 25% Bonus
Published on 03-04-2019

Dear all Members Hariom Advertising ,

You can get now some extra money in Account Balance if you Add funds .

Add $5- $99 and get 10% Bonus in Account Balance

Add $100 - $499 and get 15% Bonus. Account Balance

Add $500 - $1999 and get 25% Bonus. Account Balance

We accept PAYPAL,PM and STP 

The Bonus We add in your Account Instant.

These promotion have ended!

Best Regards,
Hariom Advertising
Flash promo!
Published on 28-03-2019

Discount on Red Membership purchases and / or extensions:

One year Red = $30 (includes $20 discount)


This promotion will end on March 31th at 08:00 server's time.

 Best Regards,

Hariom Advertising 

HariomAdvertising Future
Published on 21-02-2019

would like to continue with sites improvements :

Change on memberships: Red Monthly, Orange Monthly, Yellow Monthly, Green Monthly membership will not be available anymore.

Two new memberships will be available: Yellow 3 months and Green 180 days.

Best Regards,
Hariom Advertising
PayPal cashout fee change
Published on 13-01-2019

Starting now payment requests made using PayPal will have 2%fees associated.

PayPal payment requests.

Happy cashouts!

Verification Payments Account
Published on 12-01-2019

Who is first deposit Same payment processor then widhrowal.

Otherwise not Payments Recived. Also padding payment.

One time deposit verified payment account.

Depending ur payment processors.




Happy 2019!
Published on 31-12-2018

From all of us at HariomAdvertising I want wish all of our users a wonderful New Year!

This has been, by far, our best year ever and looks like 2019 will be even better and I am specially excited about that!

I would like to thank all of our users for their commitment and loyalty not only for those of you that joined us this year but also for all of you that have been with us for longer.


Happy new year! 

Christmas Promo # 1
Published on 22-12-2018

Discount on Silver Membership purchases and / or extensions:

One year Silver = $60 (includes $18.99 discount)

This discount will be available until December 24rd at 24:00 server's time

PayPal Purchase
Published on 14-11-2018

The following rules must be followed for every purchase made using PayPal.
They may change. If they do change, an announcement will be made in the forum.

PayPal verified users
This is very important.
You need to be PayPal verified to be able to purchase any of our services.
If you make a purchase and you do not have a verified PayPal account, the purchase will be immediately refunded as we won't accept it.
This means you'll see a purchase at your PayPal account and a few moments later a refund for that purchase.
If the automatic refund fails for any reason, the refund can take up to 5 business days.
Multiple attempts in trying to pay with an unverified PayPal account will lead to your HariomAdvertising suspension.

If you try to alter any value (like price) and try to pay using that modified value, your HariomAdvertising account will be suspended and no refunds will be given on your purchase.
Please be aware that, in this situation, while your payment will be made, your HariomAdvertising account won't be credited for the purchase.

Chargebacks and / or reversed purchases will lead to an immediate account suspension.

Available purchases
The purchase you can make using PayPal are:
- Silver ,Gold,Diamond membership upgrade /Extension
- Add funds to your Purchase Balance
- Paid To Signup Offers
- Paid To Click Ads
- Featured Text Ads
- Featured Link Ads
- Special Packages
- Traffic Exchange Credit Purchases
- HariomAdvertising Traffic Packages
- Banner Ad
- Login Ads


Feel free to purchase as long as you follow the above rules.
Anything you purchase will be immediately credited in your account.

HariomAdvertising Admin

Paypal is back !
Published on 11-11-2018

PayPal's system update is complete, and things are moving again. Purchases and withdrawals are working again. PayPal says they are sorry for the inconvenience.

Flash promo!
Published on 10-11-2018

If you are the next 500 people who signup for our silver membership (1 Day's ) , you

will get $1 dollars bonus in your Purchase account balance .

Join our Grean today.


Hariom Advertising

Maintenance is over
Published on 26-07-2018

Or at least now you shouldn't get any downtime.

I'll leave some things running on the background but you shouldn't even notice them.

Even though clicks rates were the highest of this year, I would like to give you a little gift for this inconvenient. Starting now and until Next Tuesday, August 7th at 19:30 (server time), all rented referrals renewals and recycling will have a 10% discount.

Thank you for your support during this strange events. If anything happens in the meantime, don't be alarmed. It shouldn't happen anything, though.

/me rest now

Safe and Secure Login
Published on 30-06-2018

You know that security has been, is and shall be one of our priorities.

So, now all members will login using a 256-bit SSL connection.

For those that are asking yourselves "what the hell is that?" just think of it as the strongest data transfer protection available (sounds nice, doesn't it?).

It's used in all secure payments around the globe.

I am truly blessed in having such loyal and friendly members at HariomAdvertising. Secure pages so far:

- The login page

- All of your account pages

Server upgraded
Published on 30-06-2018

we have successfully upgraded to a shiny new server. Even though the new DNS hasn't propagated throughout the whole Internet, we redirected the old one here. I am sorry for the downtime but it was extremely necessary. It was like surfing on a pool... so we upgraded to a whole ocean. Have fun and please notify us of any errors or strange things you might encounter. Once again, thank you all for your understanding.

Live Support
Published on 20-05-2018

Dear members,now you have an additional support option:

Live Support.

If you find an icon on top next to the flag and you click it, you will magically be transported to a live help.

So, now we have:

Forums Use it for general discussions

Support Tickets

Use them for those strange questions we know you love to make

Live Support

If available, use it for that quick question that has been driving you crazy all day long.

We care about our members.

Mother's Day Bonus
Published on 13-05-2018

Today, Mother's Day, we give you a bonus of $1 New Register . A wish to all mothers.





HariomAdvertising Admin

Regarding Payza
Published on 22-03-2018

As I am sure many of you are aware, Payza has been shut down by the US Government. This means we cannot send any cashouts to them and Payza will be removed as a cashout option from our site. As for the funds you have available in Payza or any cashouts we've recently sent, the status of this money is unknown. We cannot refund any payments sent to Payza as we do not have access to their platform. Payza Payment Requests currently pending will be cancelled and you can request again using a different processor. This will put us under a lot of pressure so please be advised that we cannot promise Daily payments until we have made other arrangements. We are trying to add new processors and will keep you informed. We do not know any more information other than their domain has been seized by US Authorities and we cannot load their website. We will update you more on this situation as the information becomes available. Thank you .

Published on 07-03-2018

Indian user payment method is through UPI

Indian user must update UPI ID for withdrawal money 

Published on 16-02-2018

This is to inform you that the account you use to withdraw and Deposit money should be same.For more information go to point no.5.5 in T&C.

Published on 08-02-2018

Attention everyone this is to inform you that website will be close at 23:59pm till 2 days because of server issue it will be restart soon.

Sorry for inconvenience caused.





Paypal is back !
Published on 15-12-2017

Members, Paypal has been reactivated and is now available for advertising purchases and will also be used for monthly publisher payouts. We will continue to use Payza for both ad purchases and publisher payouts as well. 

The sale of HariomAdvertising is still moving forward as we're just waiting on some final paperwork. We hope we can finalize the sale within the coming week. The new ownership will make an announcement to introduce themselves and they have a lot planned for the future of HariomAdvertising. 

We want to thank you for your continued support.



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