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4 th anniversary!

Started by admin 2020-11-28 at 08:08
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To celebrate the 4th anniversary of our first introduction to the world:

The above is only a quick summary of how HariomAdvertising works throughout these 4 years.

I would like to personally thank all PTC sites, although a few, a truthful and profitable one by sharing the same human values we do, for fighting as we always did and for believing in the dream I personally had when I envisioned a new prosperous age for PTCs which is slowly becoming a reality. Not only I'm thankful for their trust but also the trust of our users because I understand that believing in something that feels impossible is quite hard, but those who did are now grateful.

Renewal discount on referrals for all memberships:

30 days: 8%

60 days: 15%

90 days: 22%

150 days: 29%

240 days: 34%

Deposit bonus for all memberships:

Add more than $50 and get 5% bonus.

Add more than $100 and get 10% bonus.

Add more than $1000 and get 15% bonus.

Add more than $2000 and get 20% bonus.

Discount on Red Membership purchases and / or extensions:
One year Red = $50 (includes $10 discount)

Remember that this bonus is only for adding funds to your HariomAdvertising purchase balance.

These renewal discounts will be available until November 30th at 20:00 server's time.
If you have any suggestion please free to share it here or by submitting a support ticket.

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