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Started by admin 2020-11-28 at 08:03
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Now it's time for the first phase of turning those HariomAdvertisingPoints into something.
We'll begin with just 3 simple but essential conversions:

Purchase Balance
Now you can convert your HariomAdvertisingPoints to funds in your Purchase Balance.
The amount of funds you'll get will depend on the amount of HariomAdvertisingPoints you'll convert. The more you'll convert, the more funds you'll get in proportion.
The Purchase Balance funding using HariomAdvertisingPoints was a very sensitive and delicate area which had to be carefully balanced.

You can convert the following HariomAdvertisingPoints:
2000 HariomAdvertisingPoints = $1

The conversion is fixed meaning that the minimum you can convert is 200 HariomAdvertisingPoints.

Upgrade Membership
Bronze Membership: 24000 Points = 1 year Bronze Membership.

This is the beggining of having our services for free using HariomAdvertisingPoints.
Obviously new services and features that can obtained using HariomAdvertisingPoints will be added gradually. Not only that, but new ways to get HariomAdvertisingPoints will be introduced.
If you have any suggestion, feel free to post it, as always.
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