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Private messages are here

Started by Admin 2019-01-08 at 01:56
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we're introducing the Private Messages.

Although they were design to serve only as a referral comunication service, it would be a bit boring so, you can send private messages to:
  • Direct referrals
  • Forum users

  • Obviously, you can only send private messages to users who have them enabled and you'll also have to enable them in your settings.

    We're going to start generous and provide a high limit on the maximum allowed number of messages sent.
    This limit will be defined by the total number of messages sent in the last 24 hours and it will vary depending on user's membership and pack.

    Every time you have new messages, you'll seen an envelope on the Global List the page, to the right of your username.
    Clicking on it (or on the "Messages" link in your account) will take you to the list of your current messages.

    Messages will be grouped by conversation.
    A conversation is a new message.
    You can either reply to that conversation (adding new messages to it) or start a new one.
    You cannot delete individual messages but you'll be able to delete an entire conversation.

    Within each conversation, you'll be able to see all messages you've sent and received, ordered by descending date (most recent messages on top).

    For every message you receive, you can report it to our support staff.
    This will be done to avoid any kind of violation of our Terms of Service.
    Please be aware that reporting messages that don't violate our Terms of Service is not allowed and will be considered an offense.
    All reported messages will be seen and warning will be given to all that violate the Terms of Service with their message contents.
    After a certain numbers of warnings, all access to the Forum, Chat and Messages will be denied.

    You'll notice that section 1 of our Terms of Service has changed a bit. I suggest you read it.

    If you find anything out of the ordinary, feel free to report it here.
    The current limit will be fine tuned later depending on what happens in the next hours/days.

    Remember to be nice and non-instrusive.
    Avoid asking personal questions and forcing users into doing something.
    Let's keep our community clean.

    Have fun!

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