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SCAM and account suspension.

Started by Admin 2018-11-14 at 11:49
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Today we are filtering the whole wide internet for users that don't want to be registered at HariomAdvertising any more.

These are users that claim with all certainty that HariomAdvertising is SCAM.

They do not write it may be or i don't know if it is or anything thing like that.
They write IT IS .
So, we're gathering their IP addresses and / or emails from all websites we can and their accounts will be suspended.

Users and visitor are allowed to think what they want about HariomAdvertising. Even here at the forums they can do that with liberty.
Now, when a user write that HariomAdvertising is SCAM, we aren't a little bit offended.
This is service and who believes in it wins and who doesn't isn't forced to remain a user.

So, all users that are certain that HariomAdvertising is SCAM and that we can check IP or email addresses, will have their accounts suspended.
We don't force to be here and this is a clear sign that they have regretted to be registered with us.

People sometimes make mistakes so, we don't want them to live in regret of their mistakes.
And we don't want to SCAM anyone.
So, we undo those users mistakes and they can sleep more relaxed at night knowing that we will not SCAM them.

So, if you see a referral disappear, it's because he really did disappear.
Don't worry because there are just a few of them.

Also, if you want to report regretted users, feel free to do so.
We really want to see happy users and not forced ones.
Best regards,

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